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Mackie Onyx 1220 12 Channel Analog Mixer with Firewire Option

The Mackie Onyx 1220 12 Channel Analog Mixer was designed with the intent of bringing analog sound into new light with premium sound quality, amazing mixer features, and future digital capabilities. The Onyx 1220 has 12 premium analog input channels with Mackie's most amazing pre-amps to date.

The Onyx pre-amps were specifically designed by Mackie's R and D team to meet and surpass Mackie's already amazing XDR pre-amps, and that's just what they did, providing even more headroom and transparency, fidelity, and a wider dynamic range.

When it came to equalizers to the Onyx team took it up a notch and hired veteran audio engineer Cal Perkins to develop the Perkins Equalizer for the Onyx 1220. This equalizer has all you have come to expect from Mackie equalizers but also includes brand new circuitry designs and amazing sweepable mids. For those who want to go digital in the near future, Mackie included an optional 96 kHz Firewire option card input that can stream up to 14 channels of sound with near-zero latency with a computer. The Onyx 1220 also includes a built-in talkback system with either an external mic or the internal mic built right into the 1220. Besides that this incredible mixer also has 4 line input channels, 2 aux. sends, and 60 mm faders on every channel.

- 12 analog inputs with top of the line Onyx pre-amps
- Perkins 3-band EQ on every channel with sweepable mids
- 96 kHz Firewire Option Card slot (card sold separate)
- Built-in talkback system with internal or external mic
- 4 separate line input channels
- 2 auxiliary sends with post/pre switches
- 60 mm faders on every channel

The Mackie Onyx 1220 12 Channel Mixer takes analog to the next level. With specially designed Onyx pre-amps which out preform even the best of pre-amps systems like the XDR and an equalizer straight from veteran audio professional Cal Perkins, the 1220 is ready to give you the best sound you can get. This mixer was made to last and thats why Mackie integrated a Firewire option card slot so when you are ready to go digital you won't need to go out and buy an new mixer just a new firewire card. This mixer is the ultimate analog mixing experience for any DJ professional.

Mackie site: ONYX 1220

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