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Mackie PPM1012 12 Channel, 1600 Watt Powered Desktop Mixer

The Mackie PPM1012 12 Channel, 1600 Watt Powered Desktop Mixer takes every positive attribute of Mackie mixers and improves them. Given their models, you may not have thought it possible for Mackie to come up with something better. The new PPM1012 is better than anyone could have imagined.

Mackie PPM1012 12 Channel, 1600 Watt Powered Desktop Mixer is loaded with popular effects. The most popular 24 effects are easy to find, including tap delay, reverb and chorus. Set the effects for a small stage, concert hall or cathedral with ease.

What can you expect from Mackie’s new PPM1012? A whole range of impressive features.

Inputs and outputs are on the front of the mixer where you can clearly see them. It’s simple to get set up for your performance. Simply set the mixer on a table and you’re ready to go.

The PPM1012 is small enough to carry with you and has built-in handles for easy moving. While the rack ears are included, you can really set this mixer up on any table and be ready to go.

Choose Mackie’s New Mackie PPM1012 12 Channel Desktop Mixer

With Mackie’s PPM1012, you get your money’s worth. The front panel is loaded with mixer functions. Moreover, everything is clearly labeled and arranged so that you can get right to mixing without having to struggle to understand the layout.

The PPM1012 makes it easy to thrill your audience. Plus, you’ll have so much fun using it, you won’t want to stop!

Mackie site: PPM1012

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