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Mackie U 420 4 Channel Stereo Line Mixer and U 420d

Mackie’s U 420 and U 420d 4-Channel Stereo Line Mixers are production mixers packed with highly requested features. Both mixers use Mackie’s FireWire connections enabling the user to use the computer for additional sound mixing.

The U-Series by Mackie are designed for professional use. They offer enough features to create impressive audio, but don’t overload the mixer with options that often go ignored. You get a nice balance of features, function and sound quality.

Differences between the U 420 and U420d Mixers

The key difference between Mackie’s U 420 Mixer and the U 420d is the addition of two microphone pre-amps to the U 420d. Both mixers feature a wide range of handy options including the FireWire, stereo line inputs and more. The mixers also come with Tracktion 3 production software that allows you to link your mixer to your computer for additional mixing technology options.

Mackie U 420 4 Channel Stereo Line Mixer Features

The Mackie U420d includes the features found on the U420, plus some extras.

Mackie’s U-series mixers are designed for easy use in any professional or home audio setting. They impress producers, bands, DJs and home audiophiles. It doesn’t take long to set the mixer up and start using it.

The new U 420 and U420d mixers are a great addition to Mackie’s range of audio equipment. You’re sure to find that these mixers exceed your expectations delivering a stellar performance every time.

Mackie site: U 420

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