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Mackie Mixers

Owned by LOUD Technologies, Mackie designs and manufactures a variety of audio products. Their product line includes amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixers and other recording equipment.

History and Accomplishments

Founded in 1989, Greg Mackie owned a small company named Tapco. Eventually, he expanded the company, gave it a new name and moved the factory to Woodinville, Washington.

Mackie’s first mixer debuted in 2005 receiving rave reviews. Their addition of FireWire, an audio/MIDI interface, has become a trademark feature of their mixer line.

Great Selection of Mackie Mixers

With a full line of mixers, it is a certainly that you’ll find a model that meets your needs. Mixers from Mackie are designed to withstand constant use retaining prime sound quality.

1202-VLZ3: A 12-channel compact mixer with four mic preamps, phantom power and sealed rotary controls
1402-VLZ3: A 14-channel compact mixer with six microphone preamps, three-band equalizer, 60mm logarithmic-taper faders and phantom power
1604-VLZ3: A 16-channel compact mixer with 16 microphone preamps, phantom power, stereo LED meters and phantom power
402-VLZ3: A 4-channel compact analog mixer with two mic preamps, a two-band equalizer and phantom power
802-VLZ3: An 8-channel compact analog mixer with three microphone preamps, phantom power and a three-band equalizer
D.2 PRO: A 2-channel DJ production console with VCA circuitry, 45mm Infinium crossfaders, three-band EQ per channel and built-in FireWire
D.4 PRO: A 4-channel DJ production console with built-in FireWire, 45mm Infinium optical crossfader, two microphone preamps and three-band equalizers on each channel
ONYX 1220: A 12-channel professional analog mixer with 24-bit FireWire and Perkins EQ circuitry
ONYX 1620: A 16-channel professional analog mixer with 24-bit FireWire, eight microphone preamps and built-in talkback
ONYX 1640: A 160channel analog mixer with 24-bit FireWire, “Planet Earth” power supply and a four-band Perkins equalizer
PPM 1008: An 8-channel 1800 watt ultra-light pro mixer with a 32-bit processor, eight microphone preamps, three-band active channel equalizers, built-in DI boxes and in-line compression
PPM 1012: A 12-channel 1600 watt desktop mixer with Class-D Fast Recovery amplifiers, 32-bit processor, in-line compression, three-band EQ with mid-sweep, 24 “gig ready” effects
PPM 608: An 8-channel 1000 watt professional mixer with a 32-bit processor, eight mic preamps, in-line compression and phantom power
U 420: A four-channel production mixer with 24-bit FireWire, three-band EQ with full-kill, built-in DI, 30mm faders and a micro-master section with master volume

Mackie has quite a following. Artists like AC/DC, Beyonce, David Gilmore, INXS, Linkin Park and Mannheim Steamroller all rely on Mackie products to provide outstanding sound quality during performances or in recording studios.


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