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Marathon DJM 101 Professional 4 Channel DJ Club Mixer

Whether your rocking the club, a house party, or just making sure the tunes coming out of some regular’s MP3 player are interacting nicely with your bar’s sound system, the Marathon DJM-101 Professional DJ/Club Mixer will give you the tools do any of it like a pro.

With 8 line and 2 turntable inputs, the mixer can accommodate most combinations of equipment, and it can do so without putting too much stress on your wallet. As such, the DJM-101 is the perfect combination of top of the line features and affordability.

The Marathon DJM-101 is Packed with Features that Allow Versatility

The DJM-101 Mixer has a number of features that give it a number of a different uses. The fact that it has two turntables inputs, front mounted XLR and ¼” microphone inputs, an A/B replaceable cross-fader that can be assigned, a switch that allows DJ mic talkover, zone faders for each channel, a send/return loop effect, 3 band EQ and kill buttons for mic inputs, headphone output volume, and relatively compact dimensions (19”W x 9.45”D x 3.2”H) indicate that the DJM-101 is effective as a DJ mixer, but some additional features make it a viable sound board stand-in for smaller scale productions: in addition to the 2 turntable inputs it also has 8 line inputs, both ¼” and RCA master outputs, individual gain, fader, and cue controls for each channel, the ability to switch between 110 and 220V, a 12V BNC gooseneck map connector, and a dual 10 band graphic equalizer. These features along with the DJM-101’s affordable price tag make it a versatile option for amateurs and professionals alike.

Enhance Your Live Music Experience with the Marathon DJM-101

At this day in age, the musician is sometimes the DJ, the DJ is sometimes the sound engineer, and the sound engineer is, of course, sometimes the musician. This kind of crossover has resulted in a demand for equipment that can satisfy a multitude of needs, and the DJM-101 is the kind of mixer that shows that Marathon is in tune with such needs.

Marathon site: DJM-101

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