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Marathon DJM 102 Professional 4 Channel DJ Club Mixer

The Marathon DJM-102 is for the DJ who wants a professional quality features without putting too much stress on the wallet. Similar to the DJM-101, the DJM-102 also has 8 line and 2 turntable inputs, making it equally accommodating of most equipment combinations.

On top of having the same features as the DJM-101, the DJM-102 has 8 digital sound effects complete with volume, speed, and cue controls, making it an enticing option for DJs looking to incorporate elements of live performance into their sets.

The Marathon DJM-102’s Specific Features
For those who missed the DJM-101 product overview (MAYBE YOU WANT TO LINK THIS TO THE DJM-101 product overview, Guy?), here is a quick rundown of the features that the DJM-102 and it share:

- 2 Mic Inputs
- 3 Band EQ and Kill Buttons for Mic Inputs
- Echo Effect with Delay, Level, and Repeat Controls
- Gain/Trim Control and Cue Select Buttons for Each Channel
- Dual 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
- Power Switch Illuminated by Red Light
- Faders Illuminated by Blue Light
- Send/Return Loop Effects
- Assignable A/B Crossfader that can be Replaced
- Both XLR and ¼” Mic Inputs Located on Front Panel
- Mic Talkover Switch
- Master, Record, Zone, and Headphone Outputs
- Control for Balance, Master Volume, and Zone Faders
- Fader for Headphone Program and Cue
- RCA and ¼” Jacks for Master Output
- 12V BNC Connector for Gooseneck Lamp
- 110/220V Compatibility
- Dimensions: 19”W x 9.45”D x 3.2”H

The Marathon DJM-102 Allows You to Blur the Boundary Between DJ and Live Musician
While the DJM-101’s versatility made it suitable for use by DJs, musicians, and sound engineers alike, the DJM-102 further facilitates cross-over between DJing and live music performance. With 8 line inputs in addition to the 2 turntable inputs, the DJM-102 allows you to coordinate electronic instruments, computers, effects pads or whatever else is in your ‘band’ set-up into one integrated whole. And, since the unit is so affordable, you can focus that much more on playing, making, and celebrating the music.

Marathon site: DJM-102

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