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Marathon DJM-200FX 4 Channel Mobile DJ Mixer

Make Your DJ Moves with Marathon’s DJM-200FX Mixer!

Make a major move in your Mobile DJ career with the DJM-200FX Mixer by Marathon. All 4 Channels, 5 mic inputs and 19 inches rack up to professional performance power in a master machine.

Give your vocals the victory treatment beginning with Marathon’s four superior analog channels. Add in voice-tailored digital effect algorithms, dedicated mic control, five line and three phono inputs, and you’ve got the DJM-200FX Mobile DJ Mixer. Tune your pipes to these digital effects: hall, room and plate reverbs, true resonant stereo chorus, flange, delay and voice cancellation.

3 Band EQ Per Channel Means More Mix Control
Built to match with most audio gear, the Marathon DJM-200FX means business when it comes to DJ control, so you can equalize each channel and ever-refine your mix.

Marathon balances the XLR cannon type master outputs on the DJM-200FX so DJs can pan or access mono. The 4 Channel Mobile Mixer also has record, zone and RCA Master outputs and options for headphone stereo and split cue.

Get a Feel for the Features on Marathon’s DJM-200FX 4 Channel Mobile DJ Mixer:

User Replaceable
Fully Assignable
Vocal Reduction Feature;
Removes and/or Reduces Vocals From Most Audio CDs
Facilitates Activation of Most Fader Start CD Players

  • 4 Channels
  • DJ Mic Control
  • 16 Professional Digital Effects, powered by Alesis
  • Assign Effects to All Inputs
  • Inputs for 5 Line, 3 Phono, 5 Microphone\
  • XLR Outputs with Record and Zone, Master Balanced
  • Every Channel Has Step 3-Band EQ
  • Cueing Options:
    - Split
    - Blend
    - PFL Gain Adjust with Meter
  • Fader-start, Panning on Master Fader

Mobile and Club DJs, and KJs too, will get more inputs for the bucks they put out, when they get hold of this fierce 4 Channel Mobile DJ Mixer that won’t break the bank. Manufactured for masterminds of mix tricks and vocal licks, the Marathon DJM-200FX is the expert tool for the cool to rule.

Marathon site: DJM-200FX

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