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Marathon DJM 200USB Professional 5 Channel Mobile DJ Mixer with USB

Marathon sharpens the edge on DJ computer set-ups with its DJM-200USB 5 Channel Mobile DJ Mixer, with TWO Audio USB Ports adaptable to laptop and computer, canceling the need for extra drivers and soundcards.

The Marathon DJM 200USB Mobile DJ Mixer is loaded with 5 channels, each with its own built-in pre fader level gain control and 3-band EQ and trick mixes get a kick from its Kill function.

Marathon keeps tabs on what’s top of the list for DJ’s performance demands, so they provided the DJM-200USB with a fully assignable, user replaceable Crossfader designed to activate most CD Players with Fader Start.

Marathon Runs the Gamut on Master DJ Mixers

Today’s mobile and club DJs keep their radars up for a Computer Mixer to match their performance needs. The 5 Channel DJM-200USB does the trick and more, delivering on output options all the way. Marathon provides this machine with a premium quality balanced XLR cannon type master output for both panning and mono. Also included are record, zone and headphone outputs with controls for split or blend cueing, plus record and master levels on both USB outputs.

Features Are Facts on the Marathon DJM-200USB Professional 5-Channel Mobile DJ / Club Mixer. Check the list:

• Inputs for 8 lines:
o 3 phono
o 2 USB
o 3 mic

• 2 input / output USB channels for recording and playing Mac & PC audio files
• Master balanced XLR outputs with Record and Zone
• Stereo 3-band EQ on all channels
• EQ on mic channel
• Split or blend cueing and PFL adjust with meter
• Fader-start and panning on master fader
• Replaceable and assignable crossfader
• Includes two (2) USB cables
• True Plug-and-Play - No software drivers needed with Windows XP or Mac OS X

Marathon DJM-200USB Professional Mobile / Club DJ Mixer works with most Mac and Windows audio-recording software, giving DJs and KJs just the mic and channel power their shows need to get everybody in the place rockin’.

Marathon site: DJM-200USB

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