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Marathon Mixers

One of the newest companies on the market, Marathon opened for business in 2002. The founders owned a specialty DJ store and wanted to tap into a newer market. They started by designing and manufacturing a fifteen-inch dual speaker. The popularity of that one product led to many more requests and ideas.

Marathon’s flight-ready cases are durable and protect music/audio equipment from damage during travel. Their mixer line is just as impressive.

Marathon’s Company Advancements

In 2006, four years after starting out, Marathon’s Pro Audio line debuted. The product line now included amplifiers, CD players and mixers. They were the first to design a special computer shelf for DJ’s laptop storage during use that is in the patenting process.

As Marathon is a newer competitor, their customers find they are innovative and truly open to suggestions. Marathon wants to cater to their clientele providing everything and anything they could ever need.

Marathon’s Popular Models

For a new company, Marathon’s mixer line is remarkable. With technology changing almost daily, Marathon’s engineers are working hard to keep ahead of the game.

DJM-101: A four-channel club mixer with two phono inputs, two mic inputs, three-band equalizers with kill switches and gain controls and cues on each channel
DJM-102: This advanced four-channel DJ mixer builds on the features of the DJM-101 by adding eight digital sound effects, ten-band EQ for bass, vocals and highs and talkover function
DJM-200FX: A professional four-channel club mixer with five mic inputs, sixteen built-in digital effects, three-band EQ, XLR master outputs, easily replaced crossfader and split/blend cueing
DJM-200USB: A four-channel club mixer that adds two USB connectivity to the DJM 200FX making it easy to tap into your computer stored music files and record your mixes to your laptop or desktop computer

Keep an eye open for Marathon’s innovative ideas and breakthroughs. The company’s design team is just getting warmed up and has many new designs in the works.

In seven short years, Marathon’s developed a reputation for quality and innovation.


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