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Numark 200 FX MKII Rack Mount DJ Mixer

Numark’s 200 FX MKII Rack-Mount DJ Mixer features a whopping five mic inputs making it a powerful choice for any professional. Highly suitable for vocalists, the 200FX even strips vocals from CDs making it a nice tool for karaoke enthusiasts.

Impedance levels of 10 Kohm on the line input, 600 ohm on the mic input and 47 Kohm on the phono input provide nice sound. Frequency response on the Numark 200 FX MKII Rack-Mount DJ Mixer ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz for the line and 20 Hz to 15 kHz for the microphone.

Features of the Numark 200 FX MKII

The 200 FX MKII Rack-Mount DJ Mixer offers a nice blend of features for the price.

As the Numark 200 FX MKII offers strong bass, treble and middle, you and your listeners will enjoy impressive audio quality every time. It’s a great mixer for normal use or karaoke fun! Simply place in a CD, strip the vocals from the music and your crowd can sing their hearts out. Five microphone inputs make it easy to sing duets or in groups.

Numark 200 FX MKII Rack-Mount DJ Mixer Is Durable And Enjoyable

Built to last, the Numark 200 FX MKII Rack-Mount DJ Mixer ensures longevity with an easily replaced crossfader. Should it wear out after use, you can quickly swap it for a new one. Stop wasting money replacing your entire mixer unit.

The Numark 200 FX MKII is a great karaoke player and an even better DJ mixer. Turn your club performance into a stunning show that your audience will remember for years!

Numark site: 200FXMK11

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