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Numark C1 DJ Mixer - Three Channel Rack Mixer with Mic Input

The brand new Numark C1 DJ Mixer - Three-Channel Rack Mixer with Mic Input offers a wide range of use for any DJ, bar or dance club. Music quality is supreme with a five-band equalizer, as well as a permanent equalizer on the microphone connection.

Numark’s C1 DJ Mixer weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. The lightweight mixer is easily transported to your next gig. At 19 by 7 by 4 inches, the DJ mixer takes up little space on your table. You’ll find it easily to hook up and even simpler to use.

Best of all, the new C1 Three-Channel DJ Mixer contains all of the features DJs use most. Because it contains the necessities, you are not burdened by confusing options that take time to learn. You can have your C1 up and running in little time.

Numark C1 Three-Channel Rack DJ Mixer Offers Popular Features

Rather than bog the user down in newer, must-learn functions, the Numark C1 Three-Channel Rack DJ Mixer with Mic Input contains highly requested, frequently used options. They stick to functions that professional DJs look for in their mixer equipment.

The set up of the C1 Three-Channel Rack DJ Mixer by Numark makes it easy to connect your favorite components to your mixer. Connect your CD or record players quickly. Plenty of inputs ensure you’ll be able to arrange the equipment to your liking.

Numark Stands For Quality

Replaceable crossfaders are not always an option. With excessive use, crossfaders can wear out and cause poorer sound quality. Numark designs their C1 DJ mixers to that the crossfaders can be quickly replaced during a performance.

Enjoy your Numark C1 DJ Mixer - Three-Channel Rack Mixer with Mic Input. As one of the newer Numark models, you’ll be impressed with its user-friendly format and modern arrangement. Wow your audience with this affordable, notable mixer.

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