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Numark C2 DJ Mixer - Four Channel Rack Mixer with Five Band EQ

The C2 DJ Mixer – Four-Channel Rack Mixer with Five-Band EQ is the latest in Numark’s line of powerful DJ mixers. With the C series, you get multi-channel inputs and outputs. There’s plenty of room for microphones, turntables, CD players and more.

Numark’s new C series line is designed to please DJs of all experience levels. By taking the most commonly requested features, Numark created a line of mixers that thrill even the most experienced user who wants advanced features.

The CD Four-Channel DJ Rack Mixer offers five-band equalizer capabilities ensuring outstanding audio sound. Another handy feature is the auto-ducking capability that controls sound levels when the microphone is used.

Eliminate feedback with the Numark C2 Four-Channel DJ Mixer. Sensitivity adjustment helps wipe this troublesome issue out!

Numark C2 DJ Mixer - Features Of The Four-Channel Rack

Numark spent time asking DJs to name their favorite mixer features. Using the feedback, Numark’s engineers created the C series. These powerful mixers are packed with popular, useful mixer functions.

In addition, the C2’s frequency responses average 20 Hz to 21 kHz. Signal to noise ratios are better than 96 dB on the line inputs, 78 dB on mic inputs and 87 dB on phono inputs. The audio clarity will dazzle your audience.

Don’t worry about the Numark C2 being bulky to transport. It weighs less than nine pounds and offers dimensions of 19 by 7 by 4 inches.

Numark C2 DJ Mixer – the Four-Channel Rack Mixer with Five-Band EQ – is brand new, affordable and packed with handy features. Advanced features guarantee a perfect performance every time.

Numark site: C2

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