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Numark C3 Five Channel Rack Mixer - Numark C3USB DJ Mixer with USB

Numark’s offer two styles in their C3 mixers: the C3 Five-Channel Rack Mixer or the C3USB DJ Mixer that offers advanced USB offerings. While the basic set-up of these mixers is the same, they soon split apart courtesy of their different features.

Start with the similarities between the C3 Five-Channel Rack Mixer and the C3USB Five-Channel Mobile DJ Mixer. Both offer three microphone inputs and five channels. However, the C3USB goes above and beyond by adding USB inputs and outputs allowing you to easily connect a computer to your mixer.

Numark’s C3 Five-Channel Rack Mixer Features

The C3 Five-Channel Rack Mixer makes it easy to connect your turntables, CD players and other audio equipment. You’ll have plenty of room to connect these thanks to the five channels.

Numark’s C3USB Five-Channel Mobile DJ Mixer Features

Now look at the C3USB’s features.

Obviously, the biggest difference between Numark’s C3 Five-Channel Mixer and the C3USB Five-Channel Mixer is the connectivity to a USB driven device. For DJs that utilize karaoke during their performances, having access to a computer can be a major advantage.

Both the C3 and C3USB are geared for professionals and extremely enjoyable to operate. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Numark’s two DJ mixers are going to help you give the performance of a lifetime.

Numark site: C3 and C3USB

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