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Numark C3FX - Four Channel Rack Mixer with Built-in Effects

The Numark C3FX is a powerful mixer stemming from Numark’s C series of professional mixers. The C3FX comes with built-in effects that are sure to please any professional or home studio enthusiast.

Numark’s C3FX has gained quite a following since its release. With five microphone inputs, the mixer exceeds expectations. Stage/theater crews, large churches and dance clubs rave over the ease of use and exceptional features. The mixer meets the needs of a diverse crowd.

Popular Features Of The Numark C3FX - Four-Channel Rack Mixer with Built-in Effects

Numark’s C3FX Four-Channel Rack Mixer thrills the audience while making a professional’s job easy. The mixer’s layout simply makes sense and doesn’t require hours of familiarization before use.

Perhaps the most popular feature is the integrated DSP offering digital effects suitable for any event. The sixteen effects range from reverb to flange. Another neat feature is the capability of stripping vocals from any song ensuring you can offer karaoke in any setting.

Numark C3FX - Four-Channel Rack Mixer with Built-in Effects Thrills Everyone

The new C3FX weighs eight pounds making it easy to transport from one gig to another. Measurements of 19 by 7 by 4 inches provide a nice sized unit that doesn’t require too much table space.

As Numark’s C3FX is easy to transport, DJs find it to be one of the more suitable mixer options on the market. It’s affordable and offers a nice array of features for the money. Meanwhile, listeners enjoy the sound quality and the ability to sing-along to their favorite songs.

With the Numark C3FX Four-Channel Rack Mixer, you can give a perfect show every time. The mixer is built to take a lot of use. Get years of enjoyment from your C3FX!

Numark site: C3FX

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