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Numark CD Mix1 CD Player & DJ Mixer - Professional CD Mixing Console

Numark’s CD Mix1 CD Player & DJ Mixer merges two CD players and mixer into a single unit. Stop carrying your CD player and mixer to your next gig. With the CD Mix1, the all-in-one unit eliminates the hassle of connecting your units before a performance.

The CD Mix1’s two CD players are located in the front of the mixer making the drawers easy to access, even in a darker setting. Plus, you get control of the cue, pitch control and playback functions.

Numark CD Mix1 CD Players’ Features

The twin CD players on the CD Mix1 feature some very impressive specifications and benefits.

The CD Mix1 DJ Mixer offers its own list of handy features.

Trust In Numark CD Mix1 To Work In Style

Numark CD Mix1 CD Player & DJ Mixer - Professional CD Mixing Console is one of the best models for roving DJs. If you ever handle DJ spots on location, you’ll love the ease of moving this mixer from one locale to the next.

Play music on the spot, broadcast your special announcements and eliminate time consuming set up by using just comprehensive Numark CD Mix1 CD Player & DJ mixer. Numark designed the CD Mix1 to take the trouble out of traveling from location to location. You’ll be amazed at how much fun the mixer is to use!

Numark site: CDMIX1

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