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Numark CD Mix3 CD Mixer - Compact Dual Deck DJ Station with MP3 Support

Numark’s CD Mix3 CD Mixer is a twin-deck DJ mixer station that offers MP3 connectivity. Most CD players are not able to play the MP3 format, but Numark sidestepped this problem. Their new mixer plays regular CDs and MP3s without issue.

The CD Mix3 CD Mixer is one of the best on the market. Priced at only a few hundred dollars, you’ll find it is packed with handy features. All the while, it is affordable and doesn’t empty your wallet.

Numark’s MP3 Capability Makes Traveling Easy

As more music enthusiasts are turning to computer storage of their music libraries, having MP3 capabilities is a major benefit. Carry your entire music library on a few CDs and play them easily on your Numark CD Mix3 CD Mixer – Compact Dual-Deck DJ Station.

CDs can be heavy and cumbersome to transport, especially if you want a wide array of styles. With the MP3 feature on the CD Mix3, you stop carrying hundreds of CDs from one location to the next.

In addition, Numark designed the CD Mix3 to be easy to transport. As the CD player and mixer are combined into one, you needn’t tote numerous pieces of equipment from one gig to the next.

Numark CD Mix3 CD Mixer - Compact Dual–Deck DJ Station’s Many Features

Twin CD decks are built into the mixer and controlled easily via the crossfader. The layout is impressive with two large LED displays filled with pertinent information.

Numark’s line of CD player and DJ mixers in one offer their patented Anti-Shock technology. No matter how must jostling the unit takes, your music will never skip. This is a handy feature for DJs working in active dance clubs.

The Numark CD Mix3 CD Mixer is a perfect choice for audio professionals who are always on the go. Stop carrying numerous components with you. Instead, choose the simplicity that the Numark's all-in-one designed mixers offer.

Numark site: CDMIX3

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