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Numark CM200USB 5 Channel USB DJ Mixer

The CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer by Numark excels by adding USB capabilities to fully loaded five-channel mixer. This is the choice of DJs and studio professionals! Packed with necessary features, stunning sound quality and ease of use boost its popularity

Because the Numark CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer offers USB capabilities, you have the potential to record your own audio performances to your computer. For this reason, it’s a powerful addition to any small studio.

In addition, the CM200USB is affordably priced. If you’ve ever desired your own home studio, this is the perfect piece of equipment to get you started.

Numark CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer’s Abundant Features

The CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer is, at heart, Numark’s CM200 with the addition of USB. It’s packed with impressive features and specifications.

CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer’s Extreme Sound Quality

The signal to noise ratios for the CM200USB 5-Channel DJ Mixer is pretty impressive. On the line inputs, expect ratios of better than 98 dB. The microphone input’s ratio is better than 86 dB and the phono is better than 81 dB.

The phono inputs on the CM200USB offer controls to limit the amount of feedback during play. Your listeners will love that feature. No one likes ear-splitting, unexpected feedback during a show.

With Numark’s CM200USB 5-Channel USB DJ Mixer, you and your listeners experience incredible sound quality. By giving the performance of a lifetime, you’re fan base is sure to grow.

Numark site: CM200USB

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