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Numark DM1002MKII Hip-Hop Mixer - Update of the classic DM1002

Numark’s DM1002MKII Hip-Hop Two-Channel Mixer merges their most requested features into an affordable unit. This isn’t a mixer packed the latest fads; it gets down to the basics. It offers exactly what DJs and other audio professionals use most often.

Seven pounds isn’t a lot to have to carry around from gig to gig. The DM1002MKII’s dimensions are 10 by 9.5 by 3.7 inches. You’ll find it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your table.

Extremely well suited to the strong hip-hop beats, the DM1002MKII mixer easily fits into any tabletop set up. This enhanced version of the DM1002 two-channel mixer offers a powerful three-band equalizer for each channel providing exceptional clarity.

Unlike many mixers, the Numark DM1002MKII features knobs that outwit pranksters from taking them. If you’ve ever had knobs disappear, you know how troublesome it can be during a performance.

One of the nicest features Numark offers is the scaled down design. The DM1002MKII’s sliders are logically placed towards the bottom along with transform buttons. Master and equalizer controls are at the top laid out alongside the curved level meters.

Numark’s DM1002MKII DJ Mixer is well suited to hip-hop and dance music with strong beats. For the money, you’ll be surprised at just how well this little mixer performs.

Numark DM1002MKII Hip-Hop Mixer Features

As previously stated, the Numark DM1002MKII doesn’t contain a lot of extras. It does, however, offers the features DJs use most.

The Numark DM1002MKII Hip-Hop Mixer doesn’t pack in a ton of effects. If you want the most popular features, it delivers. For professionals or home users who want a decent mixer that offers the basics and a few surprises, Numark’s updated model is a great choice.

Numark site: DM1002MK11

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