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Numark DM1090X DJ Mixer - Pro Grade DJ Mixing

Numark DM1090X DJ Mixer - Pro-Grade DJ Mixing packs the most popular features into the six-channel mixer. Connect a slew of audio components to this high-powered mixer. The logical layout makes it easy to get set up for a thrilling performance in little time.

With the DM1090X Pro-Grade DJ Mixer, you’ll appreciate the impressive sound quality. Five-band equalizers are found on each channel. Moreover, the microphone is treated to its own EQ.

Key Features of Numark’s DM1090X DJ Mixer

Numark’s DM1090X DJ Mixer offers the features DJs and audio professionals use frequently. Having these most popular options available makes this a great choice. You’ll be able to hook up numerous CD players and turntables with ease.

The D1090X DJ Mixer weighs less than eight pounds and is 19 by 7 by 4 inches. It doesn’t require a lot of space on your table. Best of all, you can transport it easily because it is very lightweight.

The Numark DM1090X DJ Mixer offers low distortion and great signal to noise ratios. When you want your music to sound crystal clear without any harsh feedback, this is a solid choice.

Numark DM1090X DJ Mixer - Pro-Grade DJ Mixing Energy Use

Energy consumption has been on most everyone’s mind. The DM1090X averages 10 watts during typical use. It really doesn’t require a load of electricity during a performance. Keying on the commonly used features, you’ll find the mixer contains everything you need.

Numark’s DM1090X DJ Mixer offers professional mixing capabilities in a nice sized unit. It’s affordable to operate and gives a decent performance time after time. When you want to impress, Numark’s mixer gets the job done.

Numark site: DM1090X

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