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Numark DM1200 DJ Mixer

The Numark DM1200 DJ Mixer is a four-channel, all assignable, unit that packs a powerhouse of features for any professional. It’s affordable, reliable and is configured in such a manner that you can easily be up and running in minutes.

Numark is a leading provider of DJ equipment. You’ll find their mixers stand the test of time. Also, they do have a knack for knowing exactly which features you need most. The DM1200 provides professionals with the capability to put on a great show.

Numark DM1200 DJ Mixer Features

Among the many features of the DM1200, you’ll find the replaceable ALPS crossfader to be extremely handy. Don’t pay an expensive repair technician to replace it. You can have a new one installed in little time.

The Numark DM1200 DJ Mixer weighs 9.6 pounds and measures 18 by 9 by 4.5 inches. It’s a little heavier than some mixers, but there are more channels so this makes sense. You have plenty of room for your CD players and turntables.

Other Important Aspects Of The Numark DM1200

The Numark DM1200 uses approximately 20 watts during a typical performance. It’s not going to suck up electricity like other models. Adding a headphone does increase the wattage minimally.

The equalizers offer in/out switches so that you can assign them as needed. Moreover, the Numark DM1200 microphone input is set up with a talkover function. Finally, the headphone output offers a cue/gain knob for exceptional volume adjustment.

Numark’s DM1200 packs a lot of handy features into the well received mixer. When you want plenty of room to spare for your components without taking away other necessary functions, this mixer is certain to please.

Numark site: DM1200

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