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Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer with 6-band studio EQ

The Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer with 6-band studio EQ combines mixer technology with an impressive digital sampler. Numark made history when they combined mixing and sampling functions. Their latest offering blows their previous models away.

Any professional in need of both mixing functions and digital sampling will love the DM1295. Six-band equalizers meet the latest in digital samplers. In addition, you have the capability of looping while a second track is playing.

Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer Has Great Features

Numark packs the DM1295 DJ Mixer with handy tools for any professional. From the powerful equalizers to the numerous inputs that fit your components, you’ll find it works well in any studio or club setting.

The Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer with 6-band studio EQ has an added sampler that allows the user to play more than one sample at one time. Get a dance floor rocking by mixing together samples for added impact. Play up to 110 seconds of any sample with ease.

If you lose power temporarily or shut off your machine, don’t worry about losing your mixes. The Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer stores them to memory. This is a handy feature given that cords can accidentally become unplugged without any forewarning.

Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer with 6-band studio EQ Impressive Sound Quality

Low signal to noise ratios and great impedance rates give you really great sound quality from your Numark DM1295 DJ Mixer. A six-band, high-power equalizer on each channel reduces unwanted feedback and extraneous noises.

Blending today’s advanced digital technology with the greatest music available, your DM1295 by Numark will thrill your audience. This mixer/sampler allows you to turn a performance into a memorable experience with little effort.

Numark site: DM1295

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