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Numark DM2050 3-Channel DJ Mixer

Numark’s DM2050 3-Channel DJ Mixer provides you with plenty of room for all of your audio components. Three sets of input and output connections allow you to hook up at least a turntable and CD player with ease. A separate microphone input with its own equalizer is also included.

The DM2050 is geared for those who want affordable home studio equipment. It’s a perfect choice for someone just getting into mixing. A nice array of commonly used functions is included without going overboard on harder-to-learn functions.

Three-band equalizers on each channel provide unexpected clarity from the Numark DM2050 3-Channel DJ Mixer. In addition, the mixer keeps distortion to a minimum with rates of less than 0.05%.

Numark DM2050 3-Channel DJ Mixer Features

The 3-channel DM2050 DJ Mixer packs a nice selection of features into the small unit.

With the Numark DM2050, you get the basics and a few unexpected bonuses. It’s a neat unit for someone getting started in mixing.

Numark DM2050 3-Channel DJ Mixer Layout

Numark put some care into the layout of their DM2050 DJ mixer. Like most units, your crossfader is at the bottom with channel controls lining their way across the board. Microphone controls are near the input while the master controls are on the right in a logical sequence.

You’ll find that the layout of the DM2050 makes it easy to master the unit in little time. This makes it a great choice for a beginner. You’ll learn the general procedure of running a mixer without spending a bundle.

Numark’s DM2050 DJ Mixer is a solid choice for those who need to watch their budget or are new to the business. Enjoy mixing with this easy-to-use offering.

Numark site: DM2050

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