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Numark DM950 Hip Hop 2 Channel Mixer - Numark DM950 USB 2 Channel Mixer

With the Numark DM950 Hip-Hop Mixer, audiophiles receive a powerful two-channel mixer with USB capabilities or without. Two models, the DM950 and DM950USB suit either needs.

Numark’s DM950 and DM950USB are similar in style and basic function. However, the DM950USB contains a few more offerings that are perfect for those who store their music on a computer.

More About The DM950 Hip-Hop Mixer

Start with the DM950 Hip-Hop Mixer by Numark. It's a basic mixer packed with some nice perks. This two-channel mixer is low-priced with two line/phono inputs and one microphone input. Other features include:

The sound quality is not bad. With distortion of less than 0.1% and frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, you’ll enjoy the quality of the audio that the Numark DM950 Mixer offers.

Numark DM950USB - 2–Channel USB Hip-Hop Mixer Features

Numark’s DM950USB Hip-Hop Mixer adds one impressive function. You can hook your mixer up to your computer tapping into the huge library of music stored online or in your music folder. This handy feature is critical to those who utilize today’s technology.

With two USB ports, you can easily hook up your computer to your Numark DM950USB - 2–Channel USB Mixer. You’ll love being able to mix music from your computer with vinyl or CDs.

The Numark DM950 Hip-Hop Mixer- 2–Channel Mixer and the Numark DM950USB - 2–Channel USB Mixer offer great sound and handy features for an amazing price. If you have a computer that you need hooked up, the USB functions rock, if not, the other mixer is just as impressive. Best of all, you can choose which model best serves your needs!

Numark site: DM950 and DM950USB

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