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Numark DXM01 USB Digital Mixer

The Numark DXM01 USB Digital Mixer is a two-channel scratch mixer that quickly hooks up to your computer. Connect your computer to your mixer in record time with a USB cable and have unlimited access to your online music.

Many people have discovered how easy it is to store their music library on a computer rather than take up room in the house. They purchase music downloads and keep them stored on hard drives. Many mixers lack the capability of tapping into your computer music libraries.

Numark’s DXM01USB gives you the opportunity to link your computer library with music from vinyl or a CD. Added flexibility provides you with the chance to really thrill your audience.

Features Of Numark’s DXM01USB Digital Scratch Mixer

The DXM01USB Digital Mixer contains many requested features.

Imagine getting a mixer that both meets your work needs and is extremely fun to use. Numark’s DXM01USB Digital Scratch Mixer is packed with the most popular functions and is compatible with most software.

Numark DXM01USB Digital Mixer Sound Quality

During a DJ show or other audio performance, both you and your audience expect tremendous clarity. With the DXM01USB mixer, a top-notch synthesizer and powerful equalizers ensure success.

Distortion is virtually eliminated thanks to the high-quality mixer. You won’t deal with feedback and other annoyances when using your DXM01USB Numark Mixer. Sound quality matters and you'll always rock the house with this model.

The Numark DXM01USB Digital Mixer is a perfect choice for professionals who demand the most of their mixer. You get outstanding sound quality and a nicely arranged board. Controls are where you would expect, so you can have the mixer up and running in little time.

Numark site: DXM01USB

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