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Numark DXM09 DJ 3 Channel Digital Tabletop DJ Mixer

Numark’s DXM09 DJ Digital Mixer carries 3–Channel Digital Tabletop DJ Mixing to a new realm. Superior sound quality helps this mixer stand out. Look-ahead peak limiting and digital circuitry provide exception sound without extraneous sounds sneaking in.

Winner of Music Merchandise Review Magazine’s “Dealer’s Choice” award for the fourth consecutive year, Numark proves their quality and service are unmatchable. The DXM08 DJ Digital Mixer gives you plenty of inputs for your audio equipment.

Even in the largest crowd, the sound quality of the DXM08 is apparent. Your audience wants to hear the music, not a lot of background noise or ambient sounds. With Numark’s powerful mixer, they’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Features Of Numark’s DXM09 DJ Digital Tabletop DJ Mixer

Three-channels and CFA and CFB fader outputs only begin to cover all the features of the DXM09. Digital effects are sure to please. Moreover, the crossfader is built to last.

Numark DXM09 Three-Channel Digital Tabletop DJ Mixer offers a number of popular features. For this reason, it is a popular choice with DJs. Plus, the board’s layout makes it easy for professionals to use.

Numark DXM09 DJ Digital Mixer Beats Competitor Model

It is quickly apparent that the Numark DXM09 DJ Digital Mixer - 3–Channel Digital Tabletop DJ Mixer is not your standard mixer. It’s loaded with features and enhances and music style. While it contains may functions DJs want, it also contains a few unexpected bonuses.

When you need professional sound and cannot afford to give up any effects, the DXM09 DJ Digital Mixer is the only choice. Once you have tried it, you’ll never look back! Not only will you love it, but your audience will delight in the quality audio.

Numark site: DXM09

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