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Numark DXMPRO Hip Hop Mixer - Distortion Free Digital Battle Mixer

The Numark DXMPRO Hip-Hop Mixer provides distortion-free sound through digital circuitry. Even when you are using analog outputs, your sound quality will not change. This is an uncommon bonus to any mixer!

By definition, battle mixers are small, two-channel mixers that are meant to withstand even the heaviest use. Numark’s DXMPro easily fits the bill. Crossfaders are extremely durable. The rugged design takes a beating without showing any signs of wear or bleed over from a worn fader.

Typically, battle mixers contain the most popular features. A slew of control knobs and slides should not stand in the way of a vibrant performance. With the DXMPro, the layout makes perfect sense and nothing is going to slow you down during scratch mixing.

Numark DXMPRO Hip-Hop Mixer - Distortion-Free Digital Battle Mixer’s Many Features

The Numark DXMPRO Distortion-Free Digital Battle Mixer weighs no more than 10 pounds and is packed with the handiest features. For DJs or audio technicians who do not want a ton of rarely-used options, this is the perfect choice.

Not only do you have digital circuitry to eliminate distortion, but you also have equalizers on each channel to tweak and improve sound quality. Frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 kHz and total distortion of less than 0.005 percent grants excellent sound every time. Sound quality matters and the DXMPRO definitely delivers!

Numark DXMPRO Hip-Hop Mixer: A Solid Pick

When you want a solid Hip-Hop battle mixer for a reasonable price, Numark’s DXMPRO is more than adequate. It’s easy to use, provides exceptional audio and is easy to transport. Once again, Numark’s model serves DJs well.

There's good reason why Numark has won the MMR Magazine's "Dealer's Choice" award four years running. Try the DXMPRO by Numark and discover how great music can sound!

Numark site: DXMPRO

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