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Numark HDMIX CD Player and DJ Mixer - Compact, Portable, Expandable DJ System

The Numark HDMIX CD Player & DJ Mixer combines an impressive mixer with a built-in CD player. Tired of toting your CD players and mixer from one place to the next? With the HDMIX by Numark, you only need one device. Download songs to the 80GB hard drive for a wider library of music.

Numark’s HDMIX is a stunning system that needs only be connected to the PA system at a club or hooked up to speakers. Forget lugging heavy equipment to your van and then having to set it up when you reach your destination.

Whether you are providing music for a wedding, club or school dance, you’ll enjoy how easy the set-up is with Numark’s newest mixer. Stop wasting time with the tiring set-up and spend more time enjoying the art of mixing music with your HDMIX!

Features Of Numark’s NEW HDMIX CD Player & DJ Mixer

Numark’s HDMIX CD Player & DJ Mixer is packed with handy features. Start with the two USB hook-ups and twin microphone inputs. In addition, you get three input channels, zone and master outputs and right and left balanced outputs. You’ll do a lot with this handy device.

Download music before you go to your next gig. Bring your favorite CDs. Arrange play lists during your performance. Finally, add in requested songs quickly by typing a couple letters into the system and it will find songs or artists in seconds.

The brand new Numark HDMIX CD Player & DJ Mixer turns a job into an adventure. It’s a great system for those who want a mixer that does it all.

Numark site: HDMIX

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