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Numark iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ Mixer - Mobile DJ Workstation

The new Numark iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ Mixer makes it easy to use your MP3 music at any performance. The scratch mixer allows you create scratch mixes from any songs on your Ipod. A color screen and Ipod dock are other handy features.

The iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ mixer is a complete mixing workstation in one nicely sized package. It’s extremely portable and takes up little space in your vehicle or on your equipment table.

MMR Magazine recently named Numark as the 2008 Dealer’s Choice winner. Numark is known for exemplary service and quality products. The iDJ2 is a perfect choice for today’s technology.

Numark iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ Mixer - Mobile DJ Workstation’s Features

With Numark’s iDJ2 Apple Ipod Mobile DJ Mixer and Workstation, you get a number of helpful functions. This two-channel mixer contains everything a DJ needs to put on an unforgettable show!

Headphone and microphone connections are on the front of the iDJ2 mobile DJ workstation. Stop worrying about their cables catching on your controls. Their placement eliminates any issue with cables snagging on the faders.

Numark iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ Mixer: The Choice For Today’s Technology

As technology advances, you need a mixer that keeps up with the changes. Many professionals have given up their cases full of CDs or records and are now keeping their music on a computer or MP3 player. With Numark’s iDJ2 Apple Ipod DJ Mixer, stop carrying around CD players and turntables.

Numark site: iDJ2

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