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Numark KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station

The Numark KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station let’s your audience members sing their hearts out. Turn any gig into a fun-filled event, as people get up and display their vocal abilities. Even lousy vocalists can’t help but have a great time behind a karaoke mixer.

Are you ready to take your club, wedding or party performance to a new level? The Numark KMX02 allows you to spin songs just as any mixer would do. There is one major benefit; the unit contains two CDG drives. Any karaoke disc will play in this mixer allowing your audience to perform their favorites.

One of the nicest features of the KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station is the function to lower or raise a song’s pitch to match the vocalist’s abilities. We can’t all sing as high as Michael Jackson can! With this handy mixer, adjustments can be made to alter the pitch to individual participants.

Features Of Numark’s KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station

To use the KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station simply add a monitor so that participants can sing along to the on-screen lyrics. A video output makes this incredibly easy. You’ll find this is only one of the standard features.

Have Fun With Numark’s KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station

Numark’s KMX02 Karaoke Mix Station is a perfect way to get a crowd interacting with each other. It’s not a fad that will be short lived. Karaoke is here to stay!

Games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour have brought a new generation into the world of karaoke. All ages love playing the role of a rock star, even if they’ve never done it before. With the KMX02 Mix Station, you provide your audience with night they'll never forget!

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