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Numark M4 Three Channel Scratch Mixer

The Numark M4 Three-Channel Scratch Mixer is a tabletop mixer packed with DJ necessities. Microphone and line/phono inputs join headphone and master outputs. Quality equalizers help ensure superior audio quality no matter what you are playing.

Another new addition to Numark’s M series, the M4 Three-Channel Scratch Mixer puts the power of music in your hands. With two switchable channels and four dedicated ones, feel free to hook up as many components as you need.

Vinyl’s making a comeback. DJs want to be able to use their turntables as easily as their CD players. With the M4 mixer, you can easily add a turntable and CD player at the same time.

Handy Features Of Numark’s M4 Three-Channel Scratch Mixer

The Numark M4 Three-Channel Scratch Mixer is rigged with the features that DJs require. Every channel runs through a quality equalizer for superior sound and minimal distortion. This is very important to your audience. They want to hear their favorite songs, not a bunch of ambient noise.

The frequency response on the line inputs is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while the microphone is 20 Hz to 15 kHz. You’ll find that the sound quality is certainly going to please your audience.

Tap Into The World Of Vinyl

When you want a lively crowd, mix music using the M4 by Numark. It’s a great way to provide a multitude of songs from all decades, even if they have never been released on CD. Tap into your old vinyl thanks to the turntable connections and take your listeners down memory lane!

Numark’s new M4 Three-Channel Channel Scratch Mixer is the perfect addition to any DJs equipment. It’s versatile, fun to use and, best of all, performs exceptionally well.

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