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Numark PRO SMX Professional DJ Scratch Mixer

Engineers for the PRO SMX Professional DJ Scratch Mixer listened to DMC World Champion requests before designing their latest battle mixer. If you want to do some serious mixing, this is the only model worth considering. It's the mixer the experts helped design!

Disco Mix Club (DMC) holds a yearly championship to find the greatest DJ mixer in the world. The winners had a say in the features to go into Numark’s PRO SMX. A top concern involved enhancing sound quality without losing the unmistakable sound of vinyl.

As a result, Numark’s PRO SMX Professional DJ Scratch Mixer exceeds expectations. Analog and digital sound quality are both found on this impressive two-channel mixer.

Main Set-Up On The PRO SMX

Looking at the back of Numark’s PRO SMX, you’ll find the two channels. Each channel is switchable between line and phono. In addition, the channels each have three possible inputs—line, phono and balanced.

FX return and send, master outputs and booth outputs are also available. Headphone outputs of 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm are both located on the front, out of the way of controls. This is also where you will find the microphone input.

Numark PRO SMX Professional DJ Scratch Mixer Features

You’ll love the features found on the PRO SMX. You get slope controls and cross fader reverses on the front of the machine allowing plenty of room for other functions.

The Numark PRO SMX Professional DJ Scratch Mixer is top of the line and one of the greatest pro-mixers on the market. If you want to wow your audience and display your talents, this is the mixer for you!

Numark site: PRO SMX

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