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Numark X6 MIXER - Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects

The Numark X6 MIXER offers digital scratch mixing functions with added digital effects. For DJs who want to mesmerize their audience, this mixer goes above and beyond. Alesis digital technology provides stunning clarity with any type of music.

Distortion and annoying ambient sounds are a common problem with some mixers. The Numark X6 Digital Scratch Mixer never encounters these problems. Digital technology eliminates distortion and other noises. Everything, no matter what music genre or format, sounds nice and clear.

Numark X6 MIXER - Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects – Features

Numark’s X6 Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects contains a nice balance of commonly used features with a few unexpected ones. You’ll love what this machine can do.

The handy vocoder included with Numark’s X6 allows you to create effects with your own voice. This is a nice feature to have, especially during live shows where you might want to do something to capture the audience’s attention.

Numark X6 MIXER - Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects – A New World Of Mixing

You’d never want to ruin a bride and groom’s wedding by giving a less than stellar performance. It would be a bad day if your club performance was an utter flop. With Numark’s X6, you can stop worrying and give your audience exactly what they want to hear.

Blending digital sound quality and outstanding effects is a new direction for the X line of mixers. Numark’s known for quality and their latest, the X6 Digital Scratch Mixer, is going to impress.

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