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Numark X9 DJ MIXER - Three Channel Digital Scratch Mixer With Effects

Numark’s X9 DJ MIXER features three-channel digital mixing with added effects that will wow any audience. The tabletop scratch mixer is easily connected to most audio equipment including turntables and CD players. Plus, digital effects are easy to create thanks to the wide array of features.

Packed with features, you’ll be amazed at all the X9 DJ MIXER can do. Hook it up to your turntable or CD player and drive your audience wild with their favorite songs.

Numark X9 DJ MIXER - Three-Channel Digital Scratch Mixer With Effects – Key Features

The Numark X9 comes with a built-in vocoder. This gives you the power to create your own vocal effects. ELO used a vocoder to create amazing sound effects in their songs. More currently, you may recognize the vocoder in Madonna’s live performances.

This is only one of the many features included on the X9. Others are:

Using the Numark X9 DJ MIXER isn’t complicated. Numark’s products come with comprehensive user guides. Experienced DJs might be able to use the mixer without referring to the guide. If questions arise, the guide is always there for reference.

The board layout on the X9 is similar to Numark’s other mixers. Things are exactly where you would expect. The layout makes sense.

Numark X9 DJ MIXER - Three-Channel Digital Scratch Mixer With Effects – ensures you give the performance of a lifetime. Your audience pays good money expecting to be dazzled. With the latest in Numark’s X series, you are going to impress them all!

Numark site: X9

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