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Numark DJ Mixers

For more than three decades, Numark has been a leader is the design and manufacturing of quality DJ supplies including turntables, mixers and accessories. They understand how important it is for their equipment to withstand constant use.

Named “Company of the Year” in 2008 by The Music Trades, it is apparent that Numark products please the majority.

Numark recently came out with their own line of audio mixing software called Cue. Their innovation has secured their standing as a leader in professional audio equipment.

Great Selection of Numark Mixers

If you want a varied selection of mixers, Numark is a great choice. From mixers that are USB compatible to all-in-one units offering CD or karaoke players, you’ll find it here.

200FXMK11: Four-channel rack mount mixer with DSP, five microphone inputs and three-band equalizer
5000FX: Five-channel tabletop mixer with digital processing capabilities, Beatkeeper units and numerous special effects
AVM02: An audio and video mixer with seven stereo inputs and joystick-controlled faders
C1: Three-channel rack mixer with a five-band equalizer
C2: Four-channel rack mixer with five-band equalizer
C3: Five-channel rack mixer with three-band equalizer
C3FX: Four-channel rack DJ mixer with three-band equalizer, 16 digital effects and voice cancel
CDMIX1: A CD player and DJ mixer in one with a 12-segment LED level meter and dual jog controls
CDMIX2: Numark’s all-in-one CD player and DJ mixer with fader start and anti-shock memory buffer
CDMIX3: A CD player, MP3 player and DJ mixer with anti-shock memory buffers, MP3 looping and buffered instant start
CM100: An eight-line mixer with two microphone inputs, split cueing and a five-band graphic equalizer
CM200USB: Five-channel DJ mixer with dual USB inputs/outputs and balanced XLR outputs
DM1002MK11: Two switchable line input mixer with two phono inputs and one microphone inputs also offer kill switches and replaceable crossfader
DM1090x: A DJ mixer with six lines, mic input with separate equalizer and five-band equalizer
DM1200: A professional DJ mixer with assignable crossfader and six-band equalizer
DM1295: A DJ mixer with an internal digital sampler and six-band studio quality equalizer
DM2050: A three-channel DJ mixer with three-band equalizer and slope control and reverse on the replaceable crossfader
DM950: An affordable two-channel mixer suitable for beginners with two-band equalizer
DXM01USB: Stylish DJ audio mixer with two USB ports
DXM06: A DJ mixer with 24-bit mixing and 12 beat-sync effects
DXM09: A digital tabletop mixer with on-board effects and digital circuitry
DXMPRO: Two-channel professional DJ scratch battle mixer that features digital circuitry and CP-PRO faders
HDMIX: A CD player, DJ mixer and media player rolled into one with 80GB hard drive
iDJ2: DJ scratch mixer with iPod dock and twin jog wheels for real-time scratching
KMX02: A karaoke mixer with twin CDG drives, key change controller, video outputs and three microphone inputs
M1USB: USB audio capabilities on a two-channel scratch mixer with two assignable USB ports
M2: Two-channel DJ scratch mixer with switchable phono/line inputs
M3: Tabletop DJ mixer with two channels and three-band equalizer
M4: Three-channel tabletop DJ mixer with replaceable crossfader and separate equalizer on the microphone input
nuVJ: Mixer designed to mix video footage includes Arkaos software
PRO SMX: DJ battle mixer with three-band equalizer and three inputs per channel
X1USB : Two-channel digital scratch mixer with USB audio capability
X6: Two-channel digital scratch mixer with BEAT sync effects
X9: Three-channel digital scratch mixer with BEAT sync effects and three-band kill switches

Numark mixers are one of a kind and certain to give you years of quality performance. It’s not surprising that Numark is the first choice among many of today’s hottest DJs and audio professionals.

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