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Peavey DJ Mixers

Perhaps best known for their music amps and drum kits, Peavey Electronics also designs and manufactures quality mixers. Peavey has a long history in the world of music, and you’ll find their mixers are impressive.

Many top musicians rely on Peavey products. Gary Rossington of Lynryd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and members of Duran Duran and Nickelback are among them.

Peavey Electronics began in 1965. The founder, Hartley Peavey, built an amplifier in his basement. Peavey’s father owned a music store, so music was a big part of Peavey’s life. After a Bo Diddley concert, Peavey felt a strong urge to play electric guitar, but his father refused to buy him one unless he agreed to take guitar lessons first.

Impatience won out and Peavey converted his classic guitar. This led him in need of an amplifier, but again his father wouldn’t buy him one. Instead, Peavey opted to build his own. After his successful creation of that amplifier and then guitars during college he eventually turned his new skill into a profitable business. Peavey is a privately owned company ensuring that quality comes first to quantity.

Most recently, Peavey won awards for their innovative amp modeling software. They continue to improve their software and audio equipment in an effort to keep up with the industry’s changing technology.

Popular Peavey Mixer Models

PV 10: An economical compact mixer that includes a three-band equalizer on each channel
PV 14: A ten-channel mixer featuring ten mono channels and two stereo and features a three-band equalizer on each channel
PV 20: Features include one USB port, DSP effects, phantom power and sixteen microphone inputs
PV 6: Crafted from durable metal, this DJ mixer is compact, features four mic inputs with pre-amps and effects send
PV 8: A six-channel compact DJ mixer with three-band equalizer, four low-noise mic inputs and post-fader effects
Rotomix: A six-channel professional DJ mixer with independent circuitry to each channel with three-band equalizers and kill effects

Since Peavey’s debut, they’ve continued to prove those in the music business with impressive equipment and accessories. Peavey is determined to create products that meets needs and stands the test of time. You really can’t go wrong with a Peavey mixer.

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