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Pioneer DJM 1000 Professional 6 Channel DJ Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-1000 Professional 6 Channel DJ Mixer’s versatile design gives DJs superior control and power along with minimal sound interference.

Integrating suggestions from some of the world’s most famous DJs, Pioneer created a mixer that matched the technical expertise of their company to the nightly needs of professional DJs with a very user-friendly interface.

Superior Sound Meets Simple Design with the DJM-1000

DJs experience absolutely no sound degradation when mixing with the DJM-1000. The high quality audio-to-digital converter changes analog signals from turntables instantaneously and without any loss. 24-bit/96kHz digital sampling and a 32-bit/96kHz digital sound processor mean you will only get the best sound out of this machine.

Users can control levels from +6dB to -8dB with the DJM-1000’s three-band isolator, as well as use it with partial bands to accent them.

The DJM-1000’s Ostentatious Output/Input

For output, the DJM-1000 has digital input-output terminals. This means it is compatible with most CDJs and digital turntables, not to mention other digital controllers such as samplers or drum machines.

Also included with this installation grade mixer is a MIDI out / cross fader that can be used with other equipment, as well as the six channels advertised in its name. The input these channels provide you is 3 mic inputs, 10 line, 6 phono, 4 digital, and 2 miscellaneous sound inputs.

Each channel’s level can be viewed via its individual peak level meter, and master output can be viewed on its separate meter.

For even more input control, the main fader volume control knob has the capacity to be switched out (no pun intended) for a rotary knob with the optional DJC-1000RV.

Other features include:

• Visual Link Button for fading and controlling visual visual equipment with the cross fader
• A BPM Synchronize Function for external equipment such as CDJs
• Two Band Booth Equalizer
• Three Band Equalizer with Hi, Mid and Low settings on each channel
• Fader Start Play for CD players on every channel
• Talk-Over Function (automatically turns music down when mic is in use)

The DJM-1000 is perfect for any DJ who seeks superior quality and control from their mixer.

Pioneer site: DJM-1000

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