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Pioneer DJM 3000 Pro DJ Rack Mountable Mix

Pioneer’s DJM-3000 Pro gives users superior mixing capabilities by putting a wide array of helpful tools and effects at their fingertips – literally. The Pioneer name ensures quality that dates back to 1937, when Nozomu Matsumoto first developed the A-8 dynamic speaker. Since then, products like the DJM-3000 Pro and others have continued to break new ground in the audio industry.

Effect Mix Mode

The most notable characteristic of the DJM-3000 Pro Rack Mountable Mixer is the effect mix mode. In the effect mix mode, users can easily manipulate effect segments. Effects phrases are automatically linked to the beat per minute, ensuring smooth transitions and more flexibility when applying the sound alterations.

The DJM-3000 Pro runs echo and zip effects via the panel located on the right of the mixer, along with a brand new effect – the “roll”. The roll enables users to change the pitch of a song in a mix up the chromatic scale, matched to the BPM.

Other effects in the DJM-3000’s arsenal include:

• Auto Pan
• Auto-Frequency
• Auto-Transform
• Pitch Shifter Reverb
• Flanger

All of the effects work with the auto BPM.

Professional Mixing with the DJM-3000 Pro

The DJM-3000 Pro has a built-in automatic BPM counter that, according to Pioneer, is the most accurate counter on the market. It measures and displays tracks’ beats per minute digitally on the mixer itself, and, if it is an especially intricate song to match, there is a manual “tap” button.

Faders act as multi controllers with the DJM-3000 Pro, allowing users to fade effects and to use them in conjunction with digital inputs such as CDJs. The cross-fader also enables users to control the fader curve, selecting settings that fit their exact styles of DJing.

Other features include:

• Talk over
• Fader start / back cue play
• Master balance
• Beat Sampler
• Auto BPM counter
• Beat Effects
• Mono/stereo headphone output
• Beat indicator
• Assignable cross faders
• Cross fader patterns 3
• Fader Effects
• Master and channel level meters

The DJM-3000 is perfect for those DJs looking to take their skills to the next level and start getting super creative with effects.

Pioneer site: DJM-3000

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