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Pioneer DJM 400 2 Channel DJ Mixer with Effects

An entry-level mixer, the DJM-400 is perfect for both DJs just starting their careers as well as professional DJs who want a no-nonsense mixing platform.

The compact completeness of the DJM-400 mixer is a testament to Japanese sound engineering genius. Along with your standard mixer functions of fading and equalizing, this product allows users to utilize a small arsenal of effects, as well.

The DJM-400 is Perfect for Beginners that Don’t Want Limits

The DJM-400 is a mixer that allows for high-quality digital mixing at a fraction of the cost of the big boys. Its in-house, 24bit/96kHz, automatic beat sampler detects and displays the BPM of the track being played. It also allows users to sample a four beat loop and play it back for mixing capabilities far superior to standard beginner mixers.

Users can be sure to have room for advancement with the DJM-400. It is built solid and is a high fidelity mixer, and perfect for parties and clubs. So, essentially, you can learn on it then play with it professionally.

The Effects of DJM-400

The DJM-400 was built not just to mix, but to entertain. Take mixing to a new level by utilizing the seven effects it has preinstalled:

• Flanger
• Phaser
• Echo
• Delay
• Robot
• Roll

All effects are matched to the beat and digitally mixed at 24bits. Standing out among these effects is Pioneer’s signature mixing effect, “roll”, which changes a track’s pitch up, matched to the BPM.

Pioneer DJM-400 Main Features

• In-loop sampler
• 2 RCA Outputs
• Adjustable cross fader curve
• 2 Phono/Line Inputs
• 4 Line Inputs
• 2 Channels
• 2 Turntable Inputs

The DJM-400 allows users of all experience levels to enjoy a quality mixing experience with the knowledge that they will not be restricted or hindered by sound quality or lack of controls. Whether used by a novice or a club vet, this Pioneer product is bound to please.

Pioneer site: DJM-400

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