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Pioneer DJM-700 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer with Effects

Pioneer has continually outdone itself making performance DJ equipment throughout the past two decades, and the DJM-700 is no exception. With a sleek look, a sturdy chassis, and a seemingly infinitesimal amount of sound possibilities emanating from its knobs, faders, and displays, it sets a mark in the mid-range mixer category.

Package this into a familiar and comfortable DJ interface and you have a powerful mixing tool that will impress both the user and the listener alike.

DJM-700: Not your Run-of-the-Mill Sound

With a 96kHz/24bit digital sampling system and a 32bit digital signal processing (DSP), sound quality will definitely not be lacking in the DJM-700. The structure of the dual-shield housing gets rid of digital noise, making your output clear and crisp. Carrying your entire mixing process is a superior analog to digital converter, working in conjunction with the 32bit DSP. It is perfect for both clubs and studios – or even your bedroom.

Add to this mixer MIDI inputs, effects filters, and digital effects, and you have a powerhouse mid-range mixer.

Filter Your Effects

The Effect Frequency Filter is a cutting edge filter that allows the user to affect either the music or the filter itself, or both. It is an industry first, and can work in conjunction with (another industry first by Pioneer) the enhanced roll sampler, which changes the pitch of your track on the chromatic scale to the beat.

DJM-700’s rotary HP and LP Manual Filter lets users filter both effects and tracks as well, permitting them to customize tracks on the fly and put more personal stamps on the songs they play.


• 13 beat effects
• Many effects, including: transform, crush, echo, filter, phaser, reverb, robot, delay and flanger
• Fully assignable MIDI – 49 controls!
• 3 band EQ/channel
• Fader curves for both channel and cross faders
• Talk over
• BPM counter, display
• CDJ fader start function (very useful)
• Auto/tap BPM reader

The DJM-700 is great mixer for those ready to step up their game in the clubs or at home. With its versatile array of effects, it makes for creative and original mixing and provides a great deal of fun to boot!

Pioneer site: DJM-700

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