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Pioneer DJM-800 4 Channel Digital Mixer: An Effects Playground

At first glance, the Pioneer DJM-800 looks a great deal like its sisters and brothers in the Pioneer family: the familiar 4 channel layout with a digital BPM/effects display just to the right of the master levels, mic inputs, the 3-setting curve adjustment switch for your cross fader and channel faders, and so on. Look a bit closer, however, and you begin to realize the intricacies and features that put the DJM-800 above other models.

Premium Audio Quality

As the analog signal leaves the player it is digitally processed at 24bit/96kHz, it maintains its definition and quality. The 32bit digital signal processor (DSP) ensures sampling that is clean and effective with very little interference. The classic Pioneer chassis is reinforced to protect your audio signal from vibration, and the power supply is clean and quiet, earning the DJM-800 merit as a truly clean and quiet mixer.

The Effects of the DJM-800

The Pioneer DJM-800 auto-detects beats per minute and applies effects at 24bits, making it easy to use and providing a smooth mix with a clean sound. It has a notch filter and a highpass / lowpass filter for its four channels, as well as a bit crusher effect. Other effects include the traditional delay, echo, reverse, transform, flanger, pan, and reverb, as well as the newer robot, chorus, roll and reverse roll. The latter of these effects, roll and reverse roll, were originally, well, pioneered, by Pioneer in the past three years. Additionally, there are multiple beat effects to aid in the creative mixing process. Together, there 50 different combinations available on the DJM-800 mixer, making it a very powerful tool indeed.

Changing the Mixing Art

The DJM-800 is the first mixer to incorporate auto harmonic tuning. It used to be that professional DJs had to spend countless hours organizing and re-mastering their music library according to pitch. Auto harmonic tuning changes this process by adjusting the pitch of source audio to standard notes. In essence, it changes they key of the song to the nearest true key.

The DJM-800 is a valuable tool for any DJ or producer. Whether high fidelity sound is required or a workhorse club mixer, it will perform above and beyond most other comparable mixers and provide users with a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities to create.

Pioneer site: DJM-800

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