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Pioneer DJM-909 Battle Mixer with Effects

If Optimus Prime was a 2-channel DJ mixer, the DJM-909 would probably be what he looked like. Breaking the mold of traditional mixer interfaces, the 909’s straightforward setup gives users a break from the trend of what seems to be increasingly more and more complicated mixing jungles of knobs and faders. Rather than focusing the entire mixer on the channel faders, it focuses on a digital touchpad – yes, touchpad – display. It is the quintessential battle mixer.

Customization and Control for the Scratch DJ

The curve control on the cross fader is altered via dials on the front of the unit, as are the channel curves and the fader-out lag. It has a highly customizable cross fader, with double fade control that allows each half to be controlled separately. The DJM-909 also incorporates fader control into its unique visual display, letting users view their adjustments on its screen. Additionally, the crossfader feel can be adjusted to meet users’ individual needs.

Durability that Makes Sense

If you are going into battle, you will need some (metaphorical) armor. The DJM-909 boasts some of the most durable components in the industry. Control knobs are sturdy yet responsive, and transform switches can be flipped easily without fear of deterioration. The cross fader is durable and incorporates what is fast becoming the industry standard: the Pioneer developed non-contact magnetic cross fader. Like a monorail, the fader is allowed to reach its full potential in speed by never touching the bar it floats over – also meaning it will last a lot longer. It is really meant to take a beating. A touch screen effects display means less moving parts, which in turn means less parts breaking or needing to be replaced. It also clears the mixer of unnecessary knobs and switches, making movement around the interface smooth and easy.

The DJM- 900is ideal for those seeking to have a long-lasting and customizable scratch battle experience, and can also be employed in studio without fear due to Pioneer’s long-lasting dedication to sound quality.

Pioneer site: DJM-909

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