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Pioneer SVM-1000 4 Channel Audio and Video Mixer

Since its development of the DVJ system in 2004, Pioneer has known that it needed to develop a superior-quality mixer to harness the intense power of both audio and visual. Enter the SVM-1000. Utilizing the design from their DJM-800 model, Pioneer inserted a massive touchscreen that is divided into two working parts.

Weighing in at 28.22 pounds (12.8kg) it certainly appears impressive; just walking into a club with one of these shouts “I mean business.” It is designed specifically for use with the DVJ-1000 DVD/CD decks.

No more Separate Mixers for AV

Pioneer worked closely with leading DJs and VJs to finally develop a mixer that works seamlessly with both audio and visual. The SVM-1000 opens new creative doors in this respect. The top touchscreen on the mixer allows users to directly interact with all of their effects, selecting different effects and audio beats just as before, on a DJM-800. This provides a familiar interface to an unfamiliar technological innovation.

The bottom panel has a screen that allows users to view the different visual inputs as well as a standard cross fader.

New controls have been added for video, as well, such as a video trim adjuster next to the standard audio trim, and three channel EQs for visuals. This means that, depending on the effect applied, you can link your highs, lows, and basses to any combination of colors, patterns, and light displays.

Superior Control with the SVM-1000

Users can select effects for either audio or video, or both, and apply 12 of Pioneer’s effects. These include many old and new including:

• Roll
• Reverse Roll
• Flanger
• Phaser
• And many more

Effects can be controlled by level and depth volume and are linked with an auto BPM counter, and are complimented by an additional 12 beat effects. Video is sorted by JPG image and is either automatically or manually assignable to the user’s desired channel.

Video effects that users can apply are:

• Ripple
• Zoom
• Blur
• Distortion
• Block
• Radiation
• Kalidoscope
• Lens
• Cube
• Twist
• Spot
• Drop

And with each effect, there is a multutude of pattern options, allowing for maximum flexibility, creativity, and just plain fun. A definite pick for advanced AV mixing.

Pioneer site: SVM-1000

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