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Piuoneer Mixers

The year was 1938 and Nozomu Matsumoto turned his love for music into a home business repairing and designing audio speakers in his garage. His successes lead to the development of what would become Pioneer Electronics.

Through the years, Pioneer products have received impressive feedback. Their car stereo systems stood for quality, the soon-to-be defunct television division released flawless units and their advancements in the world of laser viewing went unbeaten.

Pioneer Electronics Stands Out

For seventy years, Pioneer has been a leader in audio equipment for home enthusiasts and professionals. At times, the company has bucked trends. Pioneer opted to refrain from the VCR craze, instead focusing on Laserdiscs, eventually leading to their success designing Blu-Ray players.

Pioneer was the first company to develop a digital turntable and a DVD turntable. This breakthrough gives DJs the power to spin more than records; they can also use DVDs and CDs for modern sound technology.

Favorite Pioneer Mixer Models

Pioneer mixers are considered the crème de la crème. These quality mixers are suitable to all skill levels and contain the most requested features available today.

DJM-1000: A six-channel mixer with the world’s first EFX link and a three-band isolator equalizer
DJM-3000: A four-channel mixer with analog and digital output, an effect mix mode and numerous built-in effects
DJM-400: A two-channel mixer with a three-band isolator equalizer, beat effects and in-loop sampler
DJM-700: A four-channel mixer with the world’s first Effect Frequency Filter, MIDI functions, roll samplers and various effects including echo, delay and reverb
DJM-800: A four-channel mixer with a 24-bit sampling/effect offering, color effects and 61 MIDI triggers
DJM-909: A two-channel mixer with touch screen effects, an optical crossfader and a three-band equalizer
SVM-1000: A four-channel audio/video mixer with a large LCD touch panel and 30 built-in effects

Pioneer mixers have been hot commodities since their debut in the 1990s. DJ Paul Oakenfold, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and Turner Broadcasting’s DJ 2nd Nature all trust in Pioneer to deliver a perfect experience every time.


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