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Rane MP-2S Compact Mixer

As far as compact 2-channel mixers go you absolutely can’t beat the Rane MP 2S Mobile Mixer. Designed specifically for discriminate, on-the-go DJ’s, the MP 2S features super compact size and lightweight portability.

But don’t let the svelte styling of this mixer fool you, for, as we all know, big things come in small boxes. Skinny in size but a fat cat on features and functionality, the MP 2S is an easy step in the right direction of compact mixers. Sparing no expense, small size and not limitation was Rane’s goal in designing this mixer and they definitely hit the bull’s eye.

Packed with all the crucial features for professional sound and performance the MP 2S delivers high mark mixes. Each of the 2 program buses has its own bass and treble EQ’s and can select any of the four stereo inputs. Additionally, any input can be set to either side of the crossfader. The MP 2S offers 2 selectable phono/line inputs, as well as 2 stereo inputs for each program bus. Identical to the more advanced Rane mixers, the crossfader on this little ditty is a super long-lasting, noise-free 60 mm Active™ Crossfader. There’s a cue engage function on each bus, headphone slide fader, which pans cue to master, and a powerful low-noise headphone amp offers level control. A balanced main mic input with full-range fader control keeps your voice from being the weak link in your mix. Outputs include tape-out with pre and post mic sum, balanced aux out (with level control for booth monitoring or feeding additional zones) and a balanced house feed.

Other features on the MP 2S include:
• VCA active crossfader
• Mobile 1U design
• Separate meter on each bus
• 2 stereo RCA phono/line ins
• 46 dB gain
• < .05% THD+N

The MP 2S is ideal for any gigging application you can come up with. From nightclub mixing to radio broadcasting, to studio remixing and post-production, the MP 2S is up to the challenge. But where this guy fits in best is anywhere rack space is tight and Rane’s professional quality is required. You’ll get it in the MP 2S, guaranteed.

Rane site: MP 2S

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