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Rane MP 44 Mixer

The Rane MP 44 Mixer offers a range of unique features supporting unparalleled DJ creativity in addition to professional, club-quality sound.

The MP 44 provides 4 input busses each with A- and B- side plus crossfader assigns; Phono/Line and CD inputs; +/- 12dB gain trim; overload indicator; FlexFX™ loop assignment; and 3-band, full-cut Accelerated-Slope™ tone controls. There are 2 auxiliary inputs, one balanced one unbalanced, and each input features up to +6dB controls. Also, each output is assignable to pre-master effects loop, post-master effects loop or post-master effects loop and microphone which permits recording through the aux outputs or adding other zones. Ultra-low travel noise and long-lasting reliability are the result of high-performance VCA level controls which can be used for both house and booth levels and a master L/R balance and recessed master mono switch feature an LED indicator light.

• High-performance master limiter with RMS detectors limits House and booth maximum levels

• Rear panel threshold with +/- 20 dBu control range features threshold indicators on both front and rear panels

• Optional VR 1 Remote Level Control may externally control the house output and a remote DC level control port allows 40 dB of master mix gain control.

• Gain control law of 125 mV/dB

• Internal reference compatible with any linear potentiometer between 10k-100k ohms, or an external ground reference with a control voltage of 0-5 VDC

• Applied signal on the emergency page input, set independently via rear panel control, mutes all program material at house and booth outputs automatically

• 2 CD trigger outputs with 3.5 mm TRS jacks are high with 50 ms active low trigger pulses activated by a CD trigger enable switch on the front panel.

Each of the two mic inputs provide XLR/TRS jacks, full range fader control, 3-band tone controls, effects insert with engage switch, 12 dB auto booth ducking, and a blue LED mic-on indicator. The main mic features studio-grade mic preamp, gain range of 15-60 dB and selectable 12 V phantom power while the auxiliary mic features balanced input, mic or line-level input, a mic gain range of 30-60 dB and a line gain range of 0-30 dB. The improved headphone monitor permits panning between the cue and house signals and by engaging the monitor mono switch one may pan between the mono cue and the mono master pre-house fader. Stereo house output, mono cue/master, and switchable +4 dBu or -10 dBV sensitivity allows versatile monitoring. Additionally, the MP 44 employs a high-current, low-noise headphone amp so not only will you sound good to the crowd but also to yourself!

One amp so not only will you sound good to the crowd but also to yourself!

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