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Rane SL1 Interface with Serato Scratch Live

For DJ’s who adore their vinyl, but also dish up a lot of digital audio on the regular, Rane is offering the SL 1 Interface with Serato Scratch Live. Love your records but hate lugging them around to gigs? Wish you could mix and scratch your digital audio files just like your vinyl without the awkward sound discrepancies?

Well then the SL 1 is for you. Now your digital audio and vinyl will sound equally good and you wont even need to have your precious records on hand at the show! What more could you ask for?

If you’re using regular turntables, CD players you can mix and scratch audio files straight from your computer’s hard drive. Also you can add in a live microphone input for scratching and, if you want, even bypass and play standard vinyl. The interface connects two standard or CD turntables to your computer and is essentially a middleman for music going in and out of your computer via bus-powered USB interface. Two switchable phono/line outputs, a mic input and pass thru outputs for the phono/line and mic.

Included with this package are:
- SL 1 hardware interface
- USB cable
- 4 stereo RCA cables
- color owners’ manual with keyboard shortcut page
- 2 conrtol records and 2 control CDs

The two 12” vinyl control records come with Serato exclusive and unique control signal allowing Scratch Live to track the record’s motion, which simulates the scratching motion with digital audio. Serato’s proprietary control scheme gives you indistinguishable sound from that of playing standard vinyl. The result is not the fazing out of standard vinyl but the solution to excessive equipment and integration of digital audio with the world of scratching and mixing. The SL 1’s super high quality rugged and portable design will keep the SL 1 on deck for the long term so one will be all you need.

Rane site: SL 1

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