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Rane TTM 56S Performance Mixer - Popular 2-bus Turntablist Mixer

Rane invested two years of R & D in to the TTM 56 Performance Mixer with the goal of creating the most uncompromising, heavy-duty mixer on the market. With a fully customizable yet rugged and flexible design, packed with professional features and unparalleled sound quality, the TTM 56 feels right at home in even the most demanding live venue or recording studio.

The TTM 56 features a stereo auxiliary input with level control for session mixes, drum machines and other auxiliary input signals and the stereo auxiliary output with level control allows for booth monitoring, recording or adding another zone.

Patented magnetic channel- and cross faders are the fastest, most accurate and most durable in the industry, using non-contact magnetic position sensors previously reserved for only aerospace and industrial applications. What this means for you is no travel noise and no bleed, because unlike optical non-contact faders, the magnetic fader is unaffected by smoke, moisture, extreme temperatures or wear and tear. In fact, the mechanical life of Rane’s magnetic faders exceed 10 million operations! Proprietary curve-translation modules convert hand motions to precise audio level control and TTM 56 offers more flexible curve selection and fader assign options than ever.

Crossfader controls feature reverse switch, mode switch and an independent, continuously adjustable contour for both sides A and B; contour control in Mode 1 selects between smooth blends to fast cuts while Mode 2 adjusts center-cut effect with full range contour control. The channel fader also includes continuously adjustable contours, reverse switches and mode switches; Mode 1 performs the same action as on the crossfader while Mode 2 selects L/R pan effect with contour control. The channel reverse switch allows for left and right hand channel faders to control both programs 1 and 2. Also featured on the TTM 56 is 3-band, full cut Accelerated-Slope™ tone controls for programs 1 and 2; EQ engage switches permit A/B compensation and quickly cutting or adding EQ effects.

In the development of the TTM 56, Rane set out to make the meanest mixer of all time and customer satisfaction points to success. The top plate is customizable so you can find this Ferrari in red so to speak. Also Rane offers a hard plastic carrying case but the TTM 56 is such a beast it would carry the case for itself if it had hands.

Rane site: TTM 56

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