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Rane TTM 57SL Mixer with Serato Scratch Live, Two Buses and Digital Effects

For DJ’s in search of all the features of Rane's monstrous TTM 56 and also interested in playing lots of digital audio but not crazy about needing an external interface, Rane is dishing up the TTM 57SL for Scratch Live. The TTM 57SL includes all the baddest features Rane has to offer plus internal Scratch Live interface giving you the future in professional DJ mixers. You can even control scratch live directly through your mixer without needing to touch your digital audio source!

The TTM 57SL allows DJ’s to: simultaneously play combinations of digital and analog sources for a wider range of music selection than previously imaginable; to play two digital files controllable by vinyl or CD while recording or performing; simultaneously digitize two vinyl records or analog sources; cue analog and digital sources; or even operate stand alone. Just like the TTM 56, the 57 is a no-compromise ultra high-performance mixer.

Other professional features included on the TTM 57SL:

• 2 input buses
• Mic input and engage switch, level control and 2-band tone control
• Balanced main XLR output, balanced ¼” booth out, and unbalanced auxiliary out on RCA
• Assign program 1, 2 or both to external FlexFX™ loop
• Internal LFO filter and echo effects feature sic insert points
• Headphone cue monitor with cue pan, main mix, select and level
• Eight channels of streaming audio
• Vinyl or CD control inputs
• Additional mixer controls
• USB firmware updates
• Internal universal power supply with 100-230 VAC

The Scratch Live control surface allows you to navigate through your library, load tracks, hit cues, loop and control effects, all from the mixers main control panel. Since all Scratch Live updates are free, the features and functionality of the TTM 57 will improve over time with each new software release.

As with the SL 1 external interface, the TTM 57 affords you the option to record mixes directly to your computer’s hard drive or simultaneously record two analog sources. 24-bit effects with Rane/Serato award-winning studio and live sound software give you premier studio sound and, coupled with Rane’s patented industry-leading magnetic faders; the fastest, smoothest, most accurate and longest-lasting available, the TTM 57SL might possibly be the coolest single piece of DJ technology you can find.

Rane site: TTM 57SL

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