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Rane Mixers

A newer name in audio products for professionals, Rane started in 1981 after a number of executives with Phase Linear Corporation started their own company. They started small only selling four audio components intended to enhance live performances.

Through the years, Rane has had some pretty impressive breakthroughs in mixer technology. One of their biggest was the design and implementation of their patented Accelerated-Slope equalizer technology.

In 2001, they designed and released the first magnetic fader available on a mixer. This was followed by their Perfect-Q graphic equalizer and patented Acoustic Echo Canceller.

Top-selling Rane Mixers

Rane mixers are designed to last for years and years. They do not sell a product that doesn’t meet their strict criteria of quality versus quick profit.

Empath: A three-channel mixer available in four styles with auto-gain, FlexFX and a three-band Accelerated-Slope equalizer
MP 2016S: A rotary mixer with six input channels, booth output and master mix circuitry
MP 2S: A two-channel, single rack DJ mixer with dedicated tape output, 60mm active crossfader and a two-band equalizer
MP 4: A scratch mixer with a six-channel USB sound card, equalizer on each channel and headphone amplifier
MP 44: A club mixer with four input buses with independent gain trim, FlexFX loops, three-band Accelerated-SlopeTM controls and overload indicators
SL 1: This package set up features Scratch Live software and an interface that allows you to connect your turntables, microphones and CD players to your computer
TTM 56S: Rane’s best-selling mixer with universal internal power, four inputs, 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone jacks and kill switches
TTM 57SL: A USB mixer with Scratch Live control, 24-bit effects, magnetic faders and advanced recording options

Rane corporate leaders believe that all products must be designed to last, meet the needs of consumers without relying on tricks or gimmicks and utilize up-to-date technology.

The small company believes that everyone, including employees and customers, should be treated with respect. When you want quality, Rane products are the perfect solution.


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