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Stanton CM203 CD Mixer

Similar to the CM.205 the CM.203 is a slightly simplified but high-quality professional DJ CD mixer also compatible with mp3 sources such as iPod®.

The highly versatile CD section features dual top loading CD players with anti-skip protection and built-in line inputs connects to iPods and other portable digital media devices allowing DJ’s access to previously unthinkable variety of music sources. This is a serious piece of equipment qualified to rock out in any live performance or studio recording application.

The CD player section features:

• Pitch control with a pitch range of +/-8% and pitch bend
• Fader start and relay play

And included on the 2-channel Mixer:

• 2 line inputs for connection to portable media devices or more CD players
• 3-band EQ with gain for each channel
• ¼” microphone input with volume control
• Headphone output featuring cue pan
• Optional rack ears included
• iPod® cable

This is a genuine CD mixer for DJ’s who want to cut down on excess equipment, and incorporate portable digital media for easy on-the-go gigging. As to be expected with all Stanton professional DJ equipment, the CM.203 is no exception to high-quality music technology offered by this well reputed brand name.

Stanton site: CM.203

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